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Our handcrafted forest themed treat box has of the best treats! It's the perfect tester box if you can't decide which box to choose!
+ 50g flower mix
+ 50g herb mix
+ 75g seed & insect mix
+ 10g flax sprays
+ 1 red millet spray
+ 50g dandelion root


- Flower mix contains:
sunflower petals, hibiscus flowers, chamomile, rose petals, marigold & cornflower (blue & red)


-Herb mix contains:
Rose petals, dill stems, dandelion leaf, cherry tree leaf, strawberry leaf, birch leaf and narrow ribwort


- Seed & insect mix contains:
mealworms, silkworms, grasshoppers, small fish, freshwater shrimps, sunflower seeds, canary seeds, buckwheat, flaxseed, red fescue, sesame seeds, millet, timothy grass seed, field meadow grass, brassica, red millet, dandelion leaf, silver millet, pumpkin seeds, senegal millet, hemp, cardi, black seed, turnip, sunflower seeds, mana millet, japanese millet, blue poppy, marigold, cornflower, red clover, hibiscus flowers, lavender, chamomile & rose petals


Contains poppy seeds (not suitable for rats)


Suitable for dwarf hamsters, syrian hamsters, mice & gerbils
To be given in moderation


Photos taken by Monika Skogbäck

Instagram: @skogback.monika

The Forest Box

  • Chamomile:

    • A calming effect on the nervous system - in the case of anxiety, stress, restlessness, a vet check up, fireworks ect.
    • Antibacterial
    • Appetite stimulation


    • Relief of stomach & intestinal cramps 
    • General increase of immune system
    • Supports the bladder & kidneys

    Sunflower petals:

    • Relief of colds
    • Reduction of fever

    Cornflower (blue & red):

    • Fever relief
    • Blood purifying effect


    • Immune system support - specifically with colds & other bronchial problems
    • Prevention against cystitis
    • Support in case of obesity 

    Rose petals:

    • Good blood circulation 
    • Immune system boosting effect 

    Dill stems:

    • Relief of stomach cramps 
    • Stimulation of good digestion 

    Dandelion leaf:

    • A strengthening of bones, skin and hair
    • Weight support

    Cherry tree leaf:

    • Bladder & kidney support

    Strawberry leaf:

    • High in vitamin C
    • Blood purifying effect

    Birch leaf:

    • Prevention against bladder and/or kidney infections - disinfecting against bacteria in the urinary tract
    • Anti-inflammatory 

    Ribwort plantain:

    • An antibacterial effect in case of colds
    • Promote good & fast digestion 
    • Soothing in case of inflammation of the urinary tract

    Dandelion roots:

    • Appetite boosting
    • Better digestion
    • Strengthening of bones and coat

    This information is based on books and articles online. It should not be seen as advice. Herbs are not medicines! In case of disease always consult your veterinarian.