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Due to the high number of orders recently, we are experiencing fulfilment delays.
Please allow up to 14 days before your order is shipped.
Thank you for your patience!

The ideal composition of grains, vegetables, animal proteins and herbs for Syrian hamsters & 100% natural!


Wheat, corn, rolled oats, rye, freshwater shrimp, oats, barley, pea flakes, sunflower seeds, paddy rice, mealworms, peanuts, raisins, milo, rice (puffed), plata, linseed, peppermint leaves, sesame seeds, carrot slices, spinach stalks, dari, pumpkin seeds, beetroot, dandelion leaves, safflower, banana chips, spelled flakes, hemp seeds, tomato flakes, zucchini, chamomile blossoms, marigold blossoms.


57.7% flour seeds and legumes, 16.4% oilseeds and nuts, 10.3% animal proteins, 9.4% vegetables and fruit and 6.2% flowers and herbs.


12% crude fat, 19% protein/protein, (42% carbohydrates), 8.8% crude fiber, 4.5% crude ash.


We do not recommend purchasing too much food at once. If a larger stock is needed, always keep it dark, cool and tightly closed.


Depending on individual needs, 1-1.5 tablespoons per day per animal. Supplement regularly with fresh food and, if necessary, with additional animal protein.

The Syrian Mix (500g)