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Due to the high number of orders recently, we are experiencing fulfilment delays.
Please allow up to 14 days before your order is shipped.
Thank you for your patience!

Our handcrafted foliage box promotes natural behaviours in small animals. Simply scatter around your pets cage!
+ 150g foliage mix
+ 10g flax sprays
+ 1 red millet spray


- Foliage mix contains:
Dill stems, dandelion leaf, cherry tree leaf, strawberry leaf, birch leaf, ribwort plantain, sunflower petals, hibiscus flowers, chamomile, rose petals, marigold & cornflower (blue & red).


This box is suitable for dwarf hamsters, syrian hamsters, mice, gerbils, degus & rats.


Photos taken by Monika Skogbäck

Instagram: @skogback.monika

The Forest Foliage Box