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Due to the high number of orders recently, we are experiencing fulfilment delays.
Please allow up to 14 days before your order is shipped.
Thank you for your patience!

A colourful combination of sprays to give any enclosure a natural pop of colour & encourage natural foraging behaviours in small animals!

+ 50g sorghum

+ 50g black sorghum

+ 20g amaranth

+ 30g Sudan grass

+ 75g proso/silver millet 

+ 2x white/red millet


Weights may vary depending on the size/weight of the individual sprays, but dont worry, we will make sure that the total weight remains the same!


Please note that amaranth can be a little prickly to the touch, so handle with care! (Don't worry, your little one will not be affected by this!)


Photos taken by Monika Skogbäck

Instagram: @skogback.monika

The Wild Spray Box